SDG Bonds for Hemp

The Unlimited Hemp Company will be issuing $200+ million USD in Secured Sustainable Development Goal Bonds to fund our next 3 years hemp operations. We will also be working with top institutional players to create an innovative framework to fund various hemp projects worldwide, as well to help realize the Enhanced SDGs by 2030.

Do Well by Doing Good

The Unlimited Hemp Bond allows investors to help our planet, as well as to receive a high return on investment in a secure vehicle. Hemp is the world’s most profitable cash crop and our bonds allow traditional investors to support this new emerging industry that will change the world, with relatively low risk.

Why SDG Bonds (Sustainable Development Goal Bonds)?

The Unlimited Hemp Company is planning to issue a $200+ million USD SDG Bond with a high ROI for our organic hemp-growing operations. Hemp is the perfect vehicle to help jumpstart the entire SDG Bond market for the following reasons:

  • Unlimited Profits: Organic hemp is presently the world’s most profitable cash crop, which allows us to easily pay off the coupon rate and the bond at the time of maturity. A 10,000-acre farm can produce between $150 to $500 million USD in profits annually; the cash flow is also very strong. We have up to 2.5 million acres of land, artesian spring water, and a relatively unlimited labor force to grow hemp.
  • Unlimited Market: There is presently a global market shortage for organic hemp and the shortage is expected to last for a few years. Therefore the market demand for industrial hemp crop is at an all-time high.
  • Unlimited Products: Hemp can be developed into 50,000 products, like, food, clothing, shelter, medicines, biofuel, bioplastics, hempcrete, hemp wood, hemp boards, batteries, fabric, and more. This means there will always be demand for hemp.

Our Cooperatives

There are lots of different kinds of cooperatives, but one common idea is that they are all built around the model that the best way to change things is to work together in a group.  The Unlimited Hemp Company’s work with Indigenous Nations and communities to help them set up growing and business cooperatives.

These cooperatives are expected to be made up of hundreds of family farms, schools, manufacturers and processors all pooling their resources to bring organic and sustainable hemp products to the world.

We Put People and Planet First

We put the planet and people first. We are not only driven by profits; we are mission-driven with a focus on People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose, and Philanthropy. The Unlimited Hemp Company is not a giant corporation but a startup. We are forming cooperatives with indigenous farmers across the world who shares the same commitment to changing the world by growing and processing hemp.

We measure our impact by how many people we helped, as well as by how much land, forests, and water we protected and restored.