We are Social Activists




We are Social Activists

The Unlimited Hemp Company emerged from the Standing Rock DAPL oil pipeline protests. We are hemp activists, organic farmers, social activists, hemp growers, peacemakers, Indigenous peoples, environmentalists, hemp advocates, inventors, water protectors, doctors, social impact investors, climate change activists, human rights advocates, and people who wanted to change the world.

Mission: To Create a Sustainable Future Using Hemp

The Unlimited Hemp Company emerged from the Standing Rock DAPL oil pipeline protests and is on a mission to change the world using hemp. Indigenous Nations have pledged 2.5 million acres of virgin organic land and artesian spring water to grow hemp. This is in order to take action on climate change by using hemp to restore our climate, to stop the clear-cutting of forests by making hemp paper, hemp wood, hemp fiberboards, and hempcrete, to stop oil pipelines by replacing fossil fuels with hemp biofuel, and to create biodegradable hemp plastics. 

Our Story

The Unlimited Hemp Company was created in 2018, emerging from the Standing Rock pipeline protest in 2016. The Unlimited Hemp Company through its alliance with Indigenous Nations is expected to be one of the world’s largest organic hemp growing operations with up to 2.5 million acres of indigenous hemp growing land and a relatively unlimited indigenous labor force. The Unlimited Hemp Company is expected to have growing operations in Indigenous territories of Standing Rock, Quebec, British Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. The Unlimited Hemp Company hopes to use hemp to create new medicines, to reduce deforestation, to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and to create a more sustainable world. Indigenous peoples have been using hemp for a long time.

We Put People and Planet First

We put the planet and people first. We are not only driven by profits; we are mission-driven with a focus on People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose, and Philanthropy. The Unlimited Hemp Company is not a giant corporation but a startup. We are forming cooperatives with indigenous farmers across the world who shares the same commitment to changing the world by growing and processing hemp.

We measure our impact by how many people we helped, as well as by how much land, forests, and water we protected and restored.



Our Cooperatives

There are lots of different kinds of cooperatives, but one common idea is that they are all built around the model that the best way to change things is to work together in a group.  The Unlimited Hemp Company’s work with Indigenous Nations and communities to help them set up growing and business cooperatives.

These cooperatives are expected to be made up of hundreds of family farms, schools, manufacturers and processors all pooling their resources to bring organic and sustainable hemp products to the world.

Sharing is Caring

The Unlimited Hemp Company believes in working together and sharing resources. We work with farmers and partners to share the costs of getting the Unlimited Hemp Company’s products to market. We give back to the community by building for our Indigenous partners’ homes, providing running water, hooking up electricity to homes, build schools, give out scholarships and much more. We all share the same planet, drink the same water and breathe the same air, so we believe that the well-being of our planet and our families benefit all living beings.

Standing Rock Matters

Not only will the Unlimited Hemp Company be growing hemp at Standing Rock but the Standing Rock pipeline protest still matters. The protest against Energy Transfer Partners’ DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) brought together Indigenous peoples, environmentalists, water protectors, climate change activists, human rights advocates, social activists, and people who wanted to change the world. As the energy of Standing Rock pipeline protest dissipated, the activists formed the Unlimited Hemp Company. It was also the first time so many groups were working together for a common cause of saving our planet and now groups around the world are working together to promote the miracle of hemp. The planet still needs saving and fresh water sources around the world are still being threatened, so Standing Rock still matters.